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Entries by Simon Johnson from 02/2010

With the Euro Falling, US Recovery Is Under Threat

| Posted 02.07.2010 | Business

It's the US that should be concerned about the effect if the euro moves too far and too fast. The euro depreciates, the dollar strengthens, and our path to recovery starts to run more uphill.

Obama Still Doesn't Get It

| Posted 02.10.2010 | Business

This isn't a free market. It is rather one of the most complete instances ever of savvy businessmen capturing a state and the minds of the people who run it. Is this really what the president seeks to endorse?

Greece Derails: Is Europe Far Behind?

| Posted 02.12.2010 | Business

Destabilizing actions or inflammatory statements by Greece make an orderly financial rescue less likely and put another major international economic crisis firmly on the table.

Greece Should Approach the IMF

| Posted 02.18.2010 | Business

EU pressure is growing for Greece to "do the right thing" -- a massive and sudden cut in the Greek budget deficit. Greece has gotten itself into a fine mess; still, it is now time for the Greek government to push back more effectively.

The Struggle for Power at the Heart of Europe

| Posted 02.19.2010 | Business

Why does Germany continue to resist sensible proposals to increase capital requirements on banks? The presumption among their closest allies is that this is to hide losses and general government culpability.

Prospects for Financial Reform

| Posted 02.23.2010 | Business

Despite, or rather because of, the arrogance of our prominent financial players, we're making progress on the bigger agenda: changing the consensus on what is safe and sound in banking.

Should We Fear China?

| Posted 02.25.2010 | Business

There is a perception that China's large dollar holdings confer upon that country some economic or political power vis-à-vis the United States. This view is incorrect and completely misunderstands the situation.