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Entries by Simran Sethi from 09/2008

Life Cycle: Greening the Other White Meat

| Posted 09.04.2008 | Green

Large, corporate pig farms are home to deep vats of untold tons of pig crap, called "lagoons," which regularly overflow or seep past inadequate lining into the earth.

Sarah Palin's Empty Promise

| Posted 09.09.2008 | Green

Encouraging the auto industry to adhere to higher standards and pursue hybrid technology will reduce our dependence on all oil. Drill, baby, drill? No. Think, baby, think.

Life Cycle: Zen and the Art of Producing Chopsticks

| Posted 09.11.2008 | Green

People have been impressing their dates with chopstick dexterity since the Shang Dynasty. But the throw-away version of chopsticks is a less romantic yet marvelous invention.

Congress Weans Us Off the Teat of Foreign Oil with Concessions to Offshore Drilling

| Posted 09.15.2008 | Green

Weaning America off the teat of foreign oil is something that every citizen can agree is a good thing. It will start to put funding into renewable energy infrastructure that we so desperately need.

Life Cycle: Styrofoam: Mark of the Plastic Beast

| Posted 09.18.2008 | Green

Life Cycle is a series of posts that looks at the life and death of everyday things. Your Styrofoam lunch container of Mooshu pork is labeled with...

Life Cycle: The Birth and Death of Your Bootleg DVDs

| Posted 09.23.2008 | Green

Your cinematic experience leaves its mark not only on your heart, but on the planet.

Life Cycle: Kernels of Wisdom about Popcorn

| Posted 09.30.2008 | Green

Life Cycle is a series of posts that looks at the environmental impacts of everyday things. Fall is upon us, and you've decided to make it a movie...