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Entries by Sloan Barnett from 10/2008

Day One: There Is a New Green in Town

| Posted 10.13.2008 | Green

The cause of my son's asthma may have been me. I may have been poisoning my own son by using certain cleaning products.

Day Two: The Pollution Inside Your Own Body

| Posted 10.15.2008 | Green

Most of us think air pollution is an outdoor problem. Smokestacks, cars, smog. But indoors--where we spend 90% of our day--that's where the air can be really bad.

Day Three: You Don't Need To Live In A Treehouse To Be Green

| Posted 10.17.2008 | Green

I firmly believe that you do not need to sacrifice your convenience, pocket book or even preferences to make a healthier home for you and your family.

Day Four: Why Can't We Just Stop Drinking Bottled Water?

| Posted 10.19.2008 | Green

The main reason the bottled water industry has exploded over the last decade isn't because tap water is unsafe. It's because beverage manufacturers needed a new growth industry.

Pooping the Progressive Way

| Posted 10.22.2008 | Green

Today, the average baby goes through some eight thousand diapers before being potty trained, a number that's increasing steadily with the ease and convenience of disposable diapers.

The EpiPen: The Latest Kids Accessory

| Posted 10.24.2008 | Green

This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention launched a startling study announcing that the number of children with food allergies has increased 18% in the last decade.

What's Making Our Kids Sick?

| Posted 10.29.2008 | Green

One leading researcher and pediatrician states flatly: "We are conducting a vast toxicological experiment, in which our children, and our children's children, are the experimental subjects."