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Entries by Soren Gordhamer from 04/2009

The Attention Crisis: And you Thought the Economic Crisis was Bad

| Posted 04.09.2009 | Healthy Living

Can we no longer listen to a friend needing support because after he or she speaks for more than 140 characters, we find ourselves unable to sustain our focus?

Can Happiness Help You in Business? A Visit to Zappos

| Posted 04.15.2009 | Business

Zappos focuses on supporting individual expression and the internal happiness of each employee.

The Power of Non-Doing: 3 Steps to Better Sleep

| Posted 04.17.2009 | Healthy Living

While insomnia may be caused by numerous factors, for many of us our lack of ability to sleep is encouraged by our increasingly hectic and constantly connected lives.

Obama Zen

| Posted 04.23.2009 | Healthy Living

The Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh advises us that if we are angry with someone, it is good to give that person a gift. While Chavez gave Obama a gift in the form of a book, Obama also gave a gift of openness.