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Entries by Stacy Parker Le Melle from 01/2007

Zen Lessons for Mrs. Clinton's Staff (and for the Rest of Us)

| Posted 01.04.2007 | Huffington Post

When you're running for President, how controlling is too controlling? Get wise about your need to control; acquiescence doesn't equal support.

Spike Lee Can't Be the Last Word in Fact-Finding: Support the 8-29 Commission

| Posted 01.07.2007 | Politics
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New Orleans has a problem: what do you do when a significant portion of your population thinks something happened, and the rest thinks that this "something" is so beyond the pale, that it is beyond discussion?

World to Bush: "To the Left, to the Left!"

| Posted 01.24.2007 | Politics
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Bush blew off New Orleans in the State of the Union. I find myself surprised that others were surprised; I was relieved. His silence was more honest than his words would ever be.

Deep Thoughts on 24

| Posted 01.25.2007 | Politics
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There's no getting around the fact that TV matters. TV shapes our perceptions. It fuels are dreams. And it certainly fuels our fears.