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Entries by Stan Goff from 09/2007

This is How it Works (Financial Times links)

| Posted 09.01.2007 | Politics

"Electability" is everything, and our fear and loathing of the Idiot Prince on the Hill is so profound that we'll perpetuate the lemming march under new leadership instead of interrupting it.

OBL and Sex

| Posted 09.08.2007 | Huffington Post

When I was working as a technical adviser on a film, we'd end each day by sitting around with food (and alcohol) and watching the day's film takes. It...

PING & PONG: you are the ball

| Posted 09.15.2007 | Huffington Post

Confession: I watch TV. I've been watching MSNBC for some time now, just to say I have kept track of the corporate televised news. Every night I ge...

Dave Cline...

| Posted 09.16.2007 | Politics

...was a friend and comrade. He died night before last at home. Dave was former President of Veterans For Peace, founding leader of Vietnam Veterans ...

Zionist Thaw, etc.

| Posted 09.25.2007 | Huffington Post

I am linking DeAnander's excellent piece on The Zionist Thaw as well as Bob Jensen's recent post on the execrable treatment of Professor Norman Finkel...


| Posted 09.26.2007 | Politics

2007-09-27-pic1.jpgThe dimensions of domination.

Now You See...

| Posted 09.28.2007 | Politics

This is not a Bush war. The Democrats have co-signed this crime every step of the way, and they intend to continue the adventure until we have Saigon 1975 Redux.

Owning the War

| Posted 09.30.2007 | Politics

Now the Big Lie of the Democrats is the absence of the "veto-proof majority," a new low in the rationalization of both cowardice and opportunism.