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Entries by Stephen Kaus from 10/2008

What Biden Should Say About Voting Against the First Gulf War

| Posted 10.02.2008 | Politics

Reports are that Palin plans to bring up Biden's vote against the First Gulf War to show bad foreign policy judgment. This was a problem John Kerry never successfully overcame.

Drudge Plays the Race Card

| Posted 10.13.2008 | Politics

All day, the Drudge Report, which has been more one sided than usual recently (lots of Bill Ayers, little Troopergate), has featured an interesting picture of Barack Obama.

Broadcast Sports: Buck and McCarver Are About to Destroy Another World Series

| Posted 10.20.2008 | Media

The World Series is on Fox. Joe Buck announces baseball as if it were a funeral. Buck does not even like baseball, and it shows. His dad was one of the best. He is the absolute worst.