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Entries by Steve Benen from 12/2006

Pouring a Little Salt in the Soil

| Posted 12.06.2006 | Politics
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Already, the Republican leadership has moved to saddle the new Democratic majority with responsibility for resolving $463 billion in spending bills for the fiscal year that began Oct. 1.

Bush Missed the Memo About al Qaeda

| Posted 12.07.2006 | Politics
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It became yet another point of embarrassment for the White House -- by blaming al Qaeda for Iraq's civil war, Bush once again appeared confused about the problems plaguing the country.

Like Rats From a 2008 ship

| Posted 12.11.2006 | Politics
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What do all of these senators have in common? They're all Senate Republicans who are up for re-election in 2008. What a coincidence.

Hasn't the Bush Family Done Enough Already?

| Posted 12.15.2006 | Politics
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Over the last 30 years, every single Republican presidential ticket has featured someone named Bush or Dole. I was cautiously optimistic 2008 would break the trend. Perhaps not.

Snow Blind

| Posted 12.19.2006 | Politics
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White House Press Secretary Tony Snow has given up on being credible, and will simply say whatever he has to -- no matter how outlandish -- just to get through a briefing.

Bush's "Emotional Turmoil," or Lack Thereof

| Posted 12.27.2006 | Politics
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Ignatius seems to be suggesting that in this fiasco, Bush is someone for whom we're supposed to feel some sympathy.