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Entries by Steve Blank from 03/2011

GE Is Innovating Like A Startup

| Posted 03.02.2011 | Business

"Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of s...

Stanford's Hottest Student Startups

| Posted 03.09.2011 | Business

The most interesting part of the class would happen outside the classroom when the teams spent 50-80 hours testing their business model hypotheses by talking to customers and partners and (in the case of web-based businesses) building their product.

Inside Stanford's Hottest Student Startups: Class 2

| Posted 03.16.2011 | Business

Our working thesis was not one we shared with the class. We proposed to teach entrepreneurship the way you would teach artists: deep theory coupled with hands-on experience, guided by seasoned, accomplished artists.

The New Internet Bubble and the New Rules for Startup Success

| Posted 03.18.2011 | Business

We're now in the second Internet bubble, and the rules for making money are different in a bubble than in normal times. What are they, how do they differ and what can a startup do to take advantage of them?

The Democratization Of Entrepreneurship

| Posted 03.21.2011 | Business

The barriers to entrepreneurship are not just being removed. They're being replaced by innovations that are speeding up each step, some by a factor of ten.

Stanford's Hottest Startups Weigh Value Propositions

| Posted 03.25.2011 | Business

Week three of the class and our teams in our Stanford Lean LaunchPad class were hard at work using Customer Development to get out of the classroom and test the first key hypotheses of their business model: The Value Proposition.