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Entries by Steve Clemons from 11/2007

Benchmarking Schumer on John Bolton, David Addington and Mukasey

| Posted 11.02.2007 | Politics

Schumer has a chance to prove that he's not soft on pugnacious nationalism of the Jesse Helms and John Bolton sort, and that he's not soft on torture a la David Addington.

Obama Must Shed Adlai Stevenson to Give Hillary a Race

| Posted 11.04.2007 | Politics

Barack Obama is running an Adlai Stevenson campaign. He's smart. He's fresh. He's inspiring to many. But he's also a bit of a triangulator.

Note to Joe Wilson: Good Defense of Hillary but "Together We Can Do Better" on Iran

| Posted 11.05.2007 | Politics

I'm surprised that Hillary doesn't see the imbalance in her actions. She tends to always tilt towards the military edge of diplomacy, the get-tough edge.

Stop Shackling America's Interests with Cuba to Fidel and an Anachronistic Cold War Past

| Posted 11.07.2007 | Politics

We have been lousy at trying to script a regime strategy for Cuba. We need to stop it.

Harnessing Doubt & Need: Rice Could Pull Off Something Big in Annapolis

| Posted 11.23.2007 | Politics

Next Tuesday, a gaggle of nations will meet for one day in the Maryland City of Annapolis to discuss what it will take to generate a comprehensive ...

More on Posterizing the Modern Republican Party

| Posted 11.24.2007 | Politics

There are 17 names on my favorite poster. If the Bush administration had not taken this country on the disastrous course it has, just think about the GOP names the poster could have had.

What Kevin Rudd's Australia Win Means

| Posted 11.24.2007 | Politics

Gordon Brown in the UK and now Kevin Rudd in Australia may be good predictors that the next U.S. president will be a Democrat.

General Eric Shinseki Signs Annapolis Summit Letter

| Posted 11.26.2007 | Politics

The letter, as first drafted, calls for a process that is inclusive of all parties in the Mideast region and is not a one-shot deal that ends with this Summit.