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Entries by Steve Clemons from 02/2009

Give Us Netanyahu. Please.

| Posted 02.07.2009 | World

Give us Netanyahu. Please. His re-ascension will help Americans realize that the false choice approach the Bush administration had been taking in Israel-Palestine affairs was flawed.

Japan Passing in CEO Decision at New York's Japan Society

| Posted 02.08.2009 | World

This leadership transition appears to be the Japanese government's acquisition of America's top tier Japan organization -- and this is quite regrettable and ultimately harmful to US-Japan relations.

The Role of Podesta

| Posted 02.09.2009 | Politics

Now I know why John Podesta is so unique -- and how and why skillful princes use him. . . New America Foundation/American Strategy Program research a...

What One Learns from Politicos Who Watch Movies...

| Posted 02.15.2009 | Entertainment

Lindsey Graham hosted a movie night a couple of years ago and his selection was Seven Days in May. Other hosts were Jane Harman and Susan Collins who picked Thelma and Louise.

Darrel Thompson Jumps Off Burris Ship

| Posted 02.20.2009 | Politics

Acting Chief of Staff to Senator Roland Burris, Darrel Thompson, has resigned his position, according to senior staffers in the US Senate.

Lugar Calls for a "Return to Realism" on Cuba

| Posted 02.21.2009 | World

For US-Cuba policy junkies, Lugar's report is pretty breathtaking in its indictment of decades of American failure in trying to adjust Cuba's national government's behavior via sanctions and an embargo.

Diplo-Blogosphere: Ranking the French, Germans and Brits

| Posted 02.25.2009 | World

How are the embassies dealing with new media, and using or ignoring the tools that online video and blogging can provide?