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Entries by Steve Clemons from 05/2010

White House Correspondents Dinner: Obama Can Also Be His Own Comedian

| Posted 05.03.2010 | Media

Beyond all of the indulgence of VIP lists, select tables, black tie and gown, meet and greet stuff at this gathering is that there were real moments of serious policy and political discussion that were not trivial.

Biden Deserves George Clooney Award & Train Station

| Posted 05.10.2010 | Politics

I think it's probably fair to say that Biden deserves a Guinness Book of World Records distinction for the Member of Congress who has traveled more on AMTRAK (or rails of any kind) than any other Member in American history.

Kouchner's Lament: Misunderstanding the Net

| Posted 05.10.2010 | Politics

The internet today -- despite the occasional bouts of disinformation and invented scandal -- is far more of an effective and immediate marketplace of information than the world for which Bernard Kouchner seems to pine.

Lula Must Not Undermine Brazil's Chance to Be the Next "Indispensable Nation"

| Posted 05.12.2010 | World

As it sits at a clear breakout point in its global ascendance -- and just before President Lula's upcoming trip to Tehran -- Brazil faces fundamental choices about the type of nation it wants to be.

Life Is a Performance, Ramin

| Posted 05.13.2010 | Media

While the real world is not Broadway and filming Sex in the City sequels, the fact is that there are tens of thousands of gay men and women who perform in "straight roles" every day in the US military.

Obama's West Point Speech Shows Signs of Smart "National Security Strategy"

| Posted 05.24.2010 | Politics

The president's actual foreign policy strategy must be more than about Afghanistan. Commending allies that support US efforts in Afghanistan is not necessarily the makings of a new global commons.