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Entries by Steve Cobble from 10/2005

Thank You to 6 House Dems

| Posted 10.01.2005 | Politics
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My mother always taught me to write a thank-you note when somebody does something nice for you. So I'm a little slow, but here's my thank-you note to ...

Dems/Iraq = Bush/Vietnam = AWOL

| Posted 10.02.2005 | Politics
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Our political leaders, with a few notable exceptions, are M.I.I. -- Missing In Inaction. And the whole world is watching.

Freddy Is Ready

| Posted 10.04.2005 | Huffington Post

5 weeks from today, if progressives and Democrats would snap out of it, there could be a new Latino Mayor of New York City. Freddy Ferrer is within st...

Latinos Snubbed?

| Posted 10.05.2005 | Huffington Post

Here's my question for the day--if George W. was going to pick an unqualified, secretive, ultra-loyal, in-house Texan for the U.S. Supreme Court, shou...

Chicago CSI--New Evidence Emerges--Cubs Won in '03!

| Posted 10.05.2005 | Entertainment
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I may be a Prius-driving peacenik pinko (and proud of it), but I do like baseball. So I cannot allow the start of the post-season playoffs to begin w...

3rd Year Anniversary of Bush Lies in Cincinnati

| Posted 10.06.2005 | Politics
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10/7/02. A day that should live in infamy.

Still Keeping Hope Alive

| Posted 10.07.2005 | Politics
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He's registered more new Democrats than anyone alive. He's one of the favorite attack targets of the Right. He's one of the most recognizable faces/na...

Pat Robertson's Jealous

| Posted 10.09.2005 | Politics
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George W. is alleged to have said that "God told me" to go to war with Iraq. Is it any wonder that the rest of the world regards the U.S. as coming unglued?

Redskins = Slur

| Posted 10.11.2005 | Politics
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There's just no two ways about it--for the team representing the city of our national government to continue to use the name "Redskins" in the 21st ce...

New Poll: 50% Ready to Impeach

| Posted 10.11.2005 | Politics
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50% of adult Americans agreed with this statement: "If President Bush did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to war with Iraq, Congress should consider holding him accountable by impeaching him."

How Do You Lose 3 Debates Wearing a Wire?

| Posted 10.12.2005 | Business
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Believe it or not, tomorrow (10/13) marks one year since John Kerry swept all 3 Presidential debates from George W. Yet the MSM still has not gotten t...

The Case for Impeachment

| Posted 10.16.2005 | Politics
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My buddy David Swanson just gave a speech in Denver--"Peering Under the Plame Outing"--where he made the case for pursuing impeachment. Here's an e...

The War Propaganda Timing Was a Fraud, Too

| Posted 10.16.2005 | Politics
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As the Plame outing scandal erupts, with new revelations every day, there's one more sinister manipulation to remember--the timing of the run-up to th...

Scooter & 9-11

| Posted 10.17.2005 | Huffington Post

One point that may fit in somewhere in this avalanche of Plamegate scandal: on page 201 of his detailed book Hood-Winked, John Prados has the followi...

Pujols Is Spanish for Awesome

| Posted 10.18.2005 | Entertainment
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Whoa, did you just see that home run?!!! The only thing Albert Pujols didn't do was point first...

3 Weeks to Election Day

| Posted 10.18.2005 | Politics
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There's a lot to write about today. Are they "hanging chads" in Ninevah? Is the intense focus on Dick, Scooter, and Judith going to let Karl slip bene...

Poll Numbers for all 50 States--Bush So Low 40% Seems Like Up To Him

| Posted 10.18.2005 | Politics
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SUSA (SurveyUSA) has released its newest 50-state poll, with numbers for each state. (fyi, kos has a post on this poll) How bad is it? Freepers will...

Reverse Robin Hoods Strike Again

| Posted 10.19.2005 | Politics
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Here's what the so-called "compassionate conservatives" have in mind in this week's budget: *$70 billion in new tax breaks for the already rich. ...

2 More Right from the Start

| Posted 10.21.2005 | Huffington Post

Arianna posted eloquently today on Judith Miller's plaintive cry, "We were all wrong." Nuh-uh, Ms. Miller. The truth is, many ordinary people kn...

Kilgore/Gilmore vs. Kaine/Warner

| Posted 10.22.2005 | Politics
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I went to a Tim Kaine for Governor rally last night, just to watch him in action. He did a good job, and there was a good crowd of Arlington blue vot...

Hypocrite Watch: Condi Rice and Civil Rights

| Posted 10.23.2005 | Politics
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If she really believes that "liberation came not through a movement," and that "segregation was collapsing of its own weight before federal law dismantled it," well, she's not as smart as she's been portrayed in the press.

Off With Their...WHIG...

| Posted 10.24.2005 | Entertainment
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Congressman Dennis Kucinich wants to look under Bush's WHIG, and see what's festering there.

Thinking of You

| Posted 10.26.2005 | Politics
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Thanks, Rosa. You changed a nation. Thanks, Paul. We miss you. Thanks, Cindy. Keep sitting down and standing up. And to the 2,000th soldier, and t...

Squealer vs. Scooter?

| Posted 10.29.2005 | Huffington Post

I thought the most interesting (front-page) sentence in the 10/29 Washington Post was this: "Karl Rove, the president's top strategist, narrowly escap...

Morality Play: Diverse Team Wins, Monochrome Team Loses

| Posted 10.30.2005 | Entertainment
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It was a great series. It was made better for me by the fact that the very diverse Chicago White Sox, who look like America, defeated the retro-looking, and very pale, Houston Astros.