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Entries by Steve Rosenbaum from 04/2011

Volvo's Social Media #Fail

| Posted 04.03.2011 | Technology

It used to be that in marketing, the brand with the most cash won. Hands down. You could 'carpet bomb' a market, you could 'own' the conversation, you...

Hey Marketers! I Want My Data Back!

| Posted 04.07.2011 | Technology

If you're like me, you're splurting data all over the place. Just a few years a back, the idea of sharing your credit card on the Internet seemed like...

Can Venture Capitalize on Curation?

| Posted 04.08.2011 | Technology

Curation has come of age. The sheer volume of Web content, and the increasing demand of both content consumers and Web advertisers makes it clear that content without curation is simply noise.

NY's Secret Underground Digital Lab

| Posted 04.12.2011 | Technology

New York has a digital sensory deprivation zone that tests how long people can stand being disconnected from the web. It's called the New York City Subway.

Google's User Happiness Problem

| Posted 04.15.2011 | Technology

While Google is defining 'delight' as popping a weather graphic on your screen, users are drowning in a flood of tweets, blog posts, check-ins, and other real-time data that overwhelm comprehension and exhaust users.

Is Apple Prepping YouTube Killer?

| Posted 04.20.2011 | Technology

In the past 10 days, web video has undergone a massive change of roles and fortunes. YouTube, Apple, and Cisco have all shifted seats.

Google, Politics and the President of the United States

| Posted 04.28.2011 | Books

In Steven Levy's new book Inside The Plex, we get a rare first-hand view of Google's flirtation, and eventual disillusionment, with politics as a means to foster social change.