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Entries by Steve Young from 04/2008

Pundit Rule #1 -- If The Truth Don't Work... Make It Up

| Posted 04.02.2008 | Media

The only way to legitimize talk radio would be to label it with a disclaimer that says it's "a fiction based on actual events."

Misogynist O'Reilly At It Again: Scolds His Own Fox Contributor

| Posted 04.04.2008 | Media

Last week< a href="">I wrote of the sad sight of watching poor Jane Hal...

O'Reilly's Glass House Shattered...Again. USO to Send Al Franken, Tim Robbins and Ludacris To Entertain His Combat Riddled, Tortured Logic?

| Posted 04.07.2008 | Media

Once again, Bill O'Reilly used his weekly column to skewer Hollywood for not visiting our troops nor making the kind of movies the folks want.

White House and McCain Try To Nail Us With Fuzzy, Flaccid Math

| Posted 04.09.2008 | Politics

During the 2000 presidential election, candidate Bush called Al Gore's economic figures, "fuzzy math." Seems like the White House is still using the ...

Hey Bill, You Want Obama's Foreign Policy? Here's Your (Obama's) Foreign Policy, Right Here!

| Posted 04.10.2008 | Media

Ever since Barack Obama appeared to be a real presidential possibility, the far right conservative talk show hosts, along with far-right independent, ...

Cross-Dressing For McCain In PA: Limbaugh Camps Up Democracy In A David-Goliath War of Words

| Posted 04.15.2008 | Media

RuPaul would be so proud. It may look and sound like Democracy, but if you look behind the talk radio curtain, you'll find Rush Limbaugh duck-taping...

51 to 11: The Odds That ABC Knows How To Run A Presidential Debate

| Posted 04.17.2008 | Media

I sat at my press seat at the Kimmel Theater checking my watch. It was either running fast or I had been swept into a space time-continuum that was about to swallow up any semblance of a learning experience.

And Last Night's Winnah Was...

| Posted 04.17.2008 | Media

I wrote earlier about last night's debate, and never one thought once about who I thought won the debate, a question that normally comes to mind first...

BREAKING NO SPIN NEWS: Barack Spokesman Calls O'Reilly A Hypocrite For Demeaning Obama's Faith

| Posted 04.21.2008 | Media

During a New Hampshire visit to a Barack Obama rally, Fox News host, Bill O'Reilly, followed his "Don't block the shot" moment (and imminent t-shirt b...

The Hannity Bump

| Posted 04.24.2008 | Media

The man who produced the winning margin in Pennsylvania was none other than Sean Hannity -- that horrid vast right wing conspiracy all wrapped up in one hunk of Fox manhood.

Did You Hear What John McCain's Unrepentant Friend, Who He Sought Support From, Said?

| Posted 04.28.2008 | Politics

John McCain wants to emulate a supporter who has actually torn apart the Constitution and two countries along the way.

McCain Finally Condemns President Bush's Outlandish Comments

| Posted 04.30.2008 | Politics

After weeks of badgering from the mainstream media as well as right wing talk radio, Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain (R, AZ), summoned reporters ...