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Entries by Susie Moore from 05/2014

Is 2014 What You Hoped It Would Be Yet?

| Posted 05.05.2014 | Healthy Living

Is your year on track? If not -- now is a wonderful time to course correct a little and re-evaluate the goals you set for yourself in January. What inspired you to write them? Go back to that place and sit with them awhile. Forgive yourself if you are not where you hoped to be and remember, it is never, ever, ever too late to still go for what it is that you want and to follow your dreams.

3 Brilliant Gratitude Quotes to Boost Your Mood!

| Posted 05.05.2014 | Healthy Living

Most of us spend so much of the time thinking about what we lack. Ironically, the more we focus on what we do not have, the more we stay there. Human beings are powerful magnets and attract what they think about. Do you feel abundant or as if you are lacking? They create very different thought spirals.

30 Life Lessons I Learned by Age 30

| Posted 05.16.2014 | Healthy Living

Some days I feel young enough to be a little foolish now and then and at other times, I think I am old enough to know better.

Toxic Relationship in Your Life? 5 Ways to Disconnect With Love

| Posted 05.17.2014 | Healthy Living

Remember, you come first. No one will treat you with love or respect unless you do so first for yourself. Releasing non-supportive relationships are one of the first ways to do this!

30 Lektionen, die ich bis 30 gelernt habe

| Posted 05.25.2014 | Germany

Wenn wir 30 sind, fangen wir langsam damit an, vom „Erwachsenenalter" zu reden. Trotzdem sind wir immer noch jung genug, um bestimmte Erfahrungen zum ersten Mal in unserem Leben zu machen. Aber hier sind 30 wichtige Dinge, die ich gelernt habe, bis ich 30 wurde:

7 Reasons Rejection Actually Rules!

| Posted 05.30.2014 | Healthy Living

The problem with rejection is not the rejection itself, just the fact we cannot understand the greater plan behind it in that moment. Nor do we want to as we are too busy licking our wounds and cursing the world. Rejection only makes sense with hindsight.