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Entries by Tara Stiles from 10/2009

Your Breath: The Ultimate Master Cleanse

| Posted 10.03.2009 | Healthy Living

Before we reach for the master cleanse there may be a more sustainable option. If we've forgotten the functionality of our breath let's bring our attention back to it.

Trust Your Gut And Get Killer Abs (VIDEO)

| Posted 10.09.2009 | Healthy Living

We don't have to completely abandon intellectualized spiritual concepts, scripture, and lineage, but we can keep our eyes and hearts wide open if we are choosing to listen and participate.

Relax Your Mind And Your Body Will Follow (VIDEO)

| Posted 10.17.2009 | Healthy Living

What you see in the physical pose is just a part of the practice. What's going on in your mind is another part. Bringing the two together is useful.

Yoga: Bye Bye Anxiety! (VIDEO)

| Posted 10.24.2009 | Healthy Living

Use what you need. Rest what you don't. That's efficiency. Think of how well we can function when we are aren't holding tension where it isn't needed.

Take The Time To Chill Out

| Posted 10.31.2009 | Healthy Living

I've always been a fan of the in-between. You know, the stuff in between the stuff. That's stuff too, right? The way we practice yoga is the way we live our life.