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Entries by Taylor Marsh from 05/2007

Mitt's Favorite Book

| Posted 05.01.2007 | Politics
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Scientology and Mormonism, maybe they have more in common than we knew.

Cease & Desist to XM over Quinn & Rose

| Posted 05.11.2007 | Huffington Post

This is how wingnut radio works. But we're on to them. This time the swiftboating wingnuts not only got caught, but called out and shut down.

Bush Opposes Troop Pay Increases

| Posted 05.17.2007 | Huffington Post

It's not enough that the troops have to endure Bush's abdication of his commander in chief role as he appoints a war czar to do his job, regardless of the likely unconstitutionality of the very position. Now this.

PTSD: Moving a Nation to Care

| Posted 05.21.2007 | Politics
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In Iraq there is never any time to recoup from battles; no moment to regroup after a skirmish. Extended deployments have only made matters worse.

A Conversation with Al Gore

| Posted 05.23.2007 | Politics
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It was a remarkable hour, especially on what turned out to be a very tough day. It reminds you that politics is a worthy means by which to change this country, as well as hold our politicians accountable.

Bloody Tuesday on Capitol Hill

| Posted 05.23.2007 | Politics
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It doesn't get any uglier than what happened Tuesday in Congress. It makes you wonder what might have been if Jack Murtha would have been in a leadership position instead of Steny Hoyer.

Crying While Lying

| Posted 05.25.2007 | Politics
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You really have to watch it to believe it. Obviously, after yesterday's disastrous cave in by the majority of Democrats, Republicans think they can push anything.

Heckuva Job Louis Freeh Endorses Rudy

| Posted 05.31.2007 | Politics
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Freeh and Giulliani deserve each other, but not for the reasons everyone is touting and certainly not in the way Rudy's campaign is pimping today.