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Entries by Taylor Marsh from 09/2007

The 30,000 Troop Promise

| Posted 09.11.2007 | Politics

The fact that Mr. Bush and General Petraeus are talking about drawing down 30,000 troops is an insult to our intelligence.

Obama's Iraq Speech

| Posted 09.12.2007 | Politics

As for what Congress can do right now on Iraq, there was no answer from Obama's team. Silence often screams. We will soon see what plays out.

Bush Speech: Iraq Another Korea

| Posted 09.13.2007 | Politics

Again with the mission creep. I don't know how many times Mr. Bush has expanded our goals in Iraq, but what he's offering tonight takes it around the bend and back again.

Draft Dodging Rudy Runs an Ad

| Posted 09.14.2007 | Politics

Oh the hypocrisy of it. If only Republicans would have been so sanctimonious about soldiers when they were swiftboating Max Cleland or John Kerry, even John McCain.

Wes Clark Endorses Clinton

| Posted 09.15.2007 | Politics

by Taylor Marsh "I think she's a rock. ... I think Senator Clinton is ready to lead. ... I think Senator Clinton is the total package." - General We...

Chris Dodd's Fight to Restore Habeas Corpus

| Posted 09.17.2007 | Politics

Chris Dodd wrote a guest-post on my blog focused on his fight to restore habeas corpus, which he's committed to restoring, with the help of Patrick Leahy and you.

McCain Bails on the Troops

| Posted 09.19.2007 | Politics

McCain's efforts amount to providing cover for Republicans so they can say they support the troops while walking away from legislation that actually does.

The Democrats Should Have Walked Out

| Posted 09.20.2007 | Politics

A little good old political theater is what was in order today.

What Was Clinton Thinking?

| Posted 09.27.2007 | Politics

Clinton's vote shows she's learned nothing from her earlier Iraq vote and is also a sign that her Middle East policy will likely be weighted towards Israel, which hasn't been doing the anyone any good at all.

Where Did Richardson Get His Information? (Updated)

| Posted 09.29.2007 | Politics

There is a lot of Hillary hatred out there. However, one would hope that outright falsehoods wouldn't come from a presidential candidate hoping to climb his way to the top.