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Entries by Taylor Marsh from 07/2010

So, You Want to Get Out of Afghanistan?

| Posted 07.03.2010 | Politics

We can thank Gen. McChrystal, not only for his service to our country, but for his rant in Rolling Stone for finally stripping the bark off the battle. We learned a very important thing about what we're doing in Afghanistan through his career-ending candor.

In the Post-Hillary Political Era, Sarah is Queen

| Posted 07.10.2010 | Politics

The first to benefit from the Hillary effect, Sarah Palin is asserting her prowess in 2010 like no other female has done in political history. Her po...

Who is More Pro-Israel?

| Posted 07.13.2010 | Politics

Bill Kristol has finally come out and confirmed what I've been writing for months. We're now in a march into the fight over who belongs in the "pro-Israel wing of the pro-Israel community."

Salam Fayyad, Out of the Ashes of Arafat

| Posted 07.15.2010 | World

The usual suspects are not the only ones being blamed, with someone finally rising from the PA ashes of Arafat. The vampire was not Benjamin Netany...

Miss Pearls: 'The Obama White House Is Too White'

| Posted 07.26.2010 | Media

Whether it's Dowd or others, now all of a sudden President Obama needs more black people around him because of the Shirley Sherrod screw up. Honest to God, people.

Of Teachable Moments

| Posted 07.26.2010 | Politics

Whatever teachable moment people crave on race, Pres. Obama who stated plainly a long time ago that he's not interested in "the ideological battles that we fought during the '90s that were really extensions of battles we fought since the '60s."