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Entries by Ted Johnson, Maegan Carberry, Teresa Valdez Klein from 09/2008

W&W: Joe vs Sarah the (Unlicensed) Barracuda? And Yes, Ted Got Arrested...

| Posted 09.10.2008 | Media

So, um, lipstick? Yes, lipstick is the main story of the day; but why? Is it sexist? Is it a diversion? Is it just... lipstick?

W&W: Can Saving the Economy Save Us From Spurious Sarah News?

| Posted 09.17.2008 | Politics

So, sorry, Ms. Palin, but something happened on Wall Street to bump you off the front page. A little major market crash, that's all. Now, the candidat...

Winning the War on Voters: Will Institutional Mismanagement Quash Turnout Gains?

| Posted 09.24.2008 | Politics

Campaigns are focusing huge resources on turning out the youth vote, but this segment of the population always lags behind in voter percentages. Will this year be any different?

Debate Steak: Red Meat for Which Party?

| Posted 09.27.2008 | Politics

It's Debate Night at Wilshire & Washington! In the first real face-off between Obama and McCain, Ari Melber from The Nation and the Washington Indepen...