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Entries by The Media Consortium from 10/2008

Palin Stays alive; Biden Exhibits Command of Issues
McCain NewsLadder

| Posted 10.03.2008 | Huffington Post

Palin didn't fall on her face in last night's debate as so many thought that she might. And Biden, who should find himself encouraged by the snap polls that followed, avoided putting his foot in his mouth.

Palinpalooza A Welcome Diversion For McCain
McCain NewsLadder

| Posted 10.04.2008 | Huffington Post

The hard times continue for Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, who this week pulled up his stakes in Michigan, a state his campaign o...

McCain Fails to Vanquish "That One" in Debate
McCain NewsLadder

| Posted 10.08.2008 | Huffington Post

McCain not only pointed his finger angrily at his opponent, but chose to refer to a black man in a way that omitted any reference to his humanity. Even if that was not his intention, it was not a particularly deft move.

Cranking Up the Slime Machine
McCain NewsLadder

| Posted 10.10.2008 | Huffington Post

Cranking Up the Slime MachineMcCain NewsLadder Just days before the second face-to-face, nationally televised meeting of presidential candidates Bara...

McCain Undone By Affect And Temperament
McCain NewsLadder

| Posted 10.16.2008 | Huffington Post

Special Debate Edition In the much-anticipated final presidential debate of the 2008 campaign season, the man who landed the greatest number of punch...

McCain's Kitchen Sink Strategy
McCain NewsLadder

| Posted 10.18.2008 | Huffington Post

With less than three weeks to go in the run-up to the presidential election, the McCain campaign, with help from the Republican National Committee, co...

Rollin' With the Hate Talk Express
McCain NewsLadder

| Posted 10.25.2008 | Huffington Post

NOTE: After you click a link, click the title of the item to get the full text or video. "We've got them just where we want them." With each bit of b...