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Entries by The Stir from 09/2010

Experts Warn: Run From All Runny Eggs

| Posted 09.02.2010 | Huffington Post

If you're pregnant, be especially careful with any eggs, and if you're not pregnant, you need to start thinking like a pregnant lady and avoid any and all foods that contain raw or uncooked eggs in any form.

5 Celebrities Who Have Kicked Cancer Ass (PHOTOS)

| Posted 09.03.2010 | Entertainment

As Michael Douglas faces throat cancer, it's a startling reminder of the disease's reality in the world of celebrities who seem untouchable. We hope he gains inspiration from other celebrities who have fought cancer and won.

Penny Pinching Making You Miserable

| Posted 09.09.2010 | Healthy Living

Once I looked at all my expenses and thought about what was really important to me -- what really brought value to my life -- things clarified.

8 Most Shocking Celebrity Rebounds (PHOTOS)

| Posted 09.09.2010 | Entertainment

A few stars are particularly skilled at bouncing back from their painful splits in a nanosecond. Here's a look at eight celebrity rebounds we honestly didn't see coming:

Nicole John: Blog of Depressed, Partying, Now-Dead Teen Reads Like My Own Teen Diary

| Posted 09.10.2010 | Healthy Living

Strip away the Xanax, the posh Manhattan nightlife, and the international lifestyle and the blog entries from hard-partying 17-year-old Nicole John co...

Curvy Women: 8 Tips on How to Layer Clothing & Not Look Like a Shapeless Slob

| Posted 09.13.2010 | Style

Done right, layering can actually mask any soft, round areas you're trying to play down. Here are eight tips for creating the layered look and not at the expense of your rockin' curvy body.

Fast Food Lies: Meals That Don't Live Up to Their Ads

| Posted 09.14.2010 | Huffington Post

So how well does the fancy fast food hold up to the fantasy?

Top 5 Ridiculous Celebrity Drug-Bust Excuses (PHOTOS)

| Posted 09.21.2010 | Entertainment

Is it just me, or do you respect a celebrity about a thousand times more when they just admit they broke the law?

I Can't Do WHAT?! 10 Outrageous Homeowners Association Rules

| Posted 09.22.2010 | Healthy Living

In a particular New York City building, the tenants must be considered "on-the-verge artists" and have their craft approved by the board.

7 Must-Have Fall 2010 Style Essentials Under $100

| Posted 09.22.2010 | Style

Well, we've made our seven picks for must-have pieces for Fall 2010. Even if we invest in nothing else, these are the go-to items of the season -- all under $100, of course.

Top 10 Sexiest Celebrity Siblings

| Posted 09.27.2010 | Entertainment

These sexy siblings are living proof that good looks and star power are most certainly genetic. The only question now is, which of the siblings is the best-looking?

Frozen Food Lies: A Shiny, Gooshy Mess in a Box

| Posted 09.28.2010 | Huffington Post

The food in real life doesn't look great, but it doesn't look delicious on the boxes, either. Why are food manufacturers trying to entice us with plastic-looking food?