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Entries by Jerry and Joe Long from 10/2008

McCain Urges American Men to Marry Their Richest Mistress

| Posted 10.06.2008 | Politics

Speaking in a dimly lit pickup joint to a crowd of self-described horndogs, McCain urged married men to "find a skirt what's got cabbage."

McCain Refers to Opponent as "Barack Hussein Stalin Robespierre Hitler Pol Pot Idi Amin Gaiseric The Vandal Obama"

| Posted 10.13.2008 | Politics

When questioned about the seeming incoherence of McCain's speech, campaign lobbyist/manager Rick Davis denied that the speech ever took place.

Bill Kristol Wins Nobel Prize in Wrongness

| Posted 10.15.2008 | Media

The academy cited Kristol's "uncanny ability to be utterly and completely wrong about everything, always" while managing "to somehow be thought of as knowledgeable."

McCain's "Real Americans" Ad

| Posted 10.29.2008 | Politics

"Real Americans" from "Real America" give their carefully reasoned and meticulously constructed arguments against an Obama presidency. Behold the GOP base in all its glory.