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Entries by Jerry and Joe Long from 11/2008

A McCain Win Validates Bush

| Posted 11.03.2008 | Politics

No doubt many of you will vote for Obama believing that a new era of all-embracing harmony shall cover the land like rivulets of bipartisan dew. We on the other hand just want him to do less evil.

Obama's Plan to Serve Humankind Decoded...IT'S A COOKBOOK!

| Posted 11.05.2008 | Politics

Ahh the hell with it....this is too great a day for goofy (not to mention pointless) satire. We've had eight years of someone enjoying himself at the expense of the country. Now, mercifully, this country may finally have a President.

Lieberman to Remain Chairman of Self-Serving Gasbag Committee

| Posted 11.10.2008 | Politics

Lieberman, who has been romantically linked to Pastor John Hagee, said he intends to remain focused on "what I believe will benefit Americans and America."

Obama Reading Biography of Vlad the Impaler. May Decide to Insert Sharpened Sticks Up Rivals' Asses.

| Posted 11.20.2008 | Politics

An Obama spokesperson was quick to dismiss any thoughts of impaling. Though, off the record, expressed a wish that at some point they might come upon Joe Lieberman in the act of bending over.

David Addington Disguises Himself As Turkey In Attempt To Get Bush Pardon

| Posted 11.26.2008 | Politics

Addington apparently intended to use the pardon to enable him to travel abroad after January 20th without being arrested for war crimes.