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Entries by Thomas de Zengotita from 05/2005

Questions that follow from Gary Hart's question

| Posted 05.10.2005 | Huffington Post

Yes, it is extraordinary that no clear answer has emerged to the question of whether or not we are setting up permanent bases in Iraq. The next quest...

Conservatives and Rude Politics

| Posted 05.12.2005 | Politics
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Alan Bloom I could at least understand, but Dennis Prager I don't get. Why this enduring outrage over unruly campus behavior coming from the pathetic...

From my "Little Gems" file

| Posted 05.18.2005 | Politics
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"The problem isn't that there aren't enough opportunities to express the political concerns of students. The problem is that there are too many oppor...

Re: Arianna's Turning Point, lies about Iraq etc.

| Posted 05.20.2005 | Politics
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I can't recall his exact words, but the gist was: "I don't mind people feeling entitled to their own opinions, but now they feel entitled to their o...

More from the Real World

| Posted 05.23.2005 | Politics
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I'm afraid the Democrats lost because they thought Kerry's war hero/war protester history would play as principled rather than as the mother of all flip-flops. Folks in the heartland can identify with a partying rich kid who ducks military service to have a good time and later finds a good woman and gets saved. Taking a stand against your country on the basis of your own opinion looks like self-important posturing by comparison.

We're fighting over identity

| Posted 05.27.2005 | Huffington Post

The "culture wars" really are about culture -- and that means they are about self-definition. That's why the line between news and entertainment blurred. The media landscape fused into one vast arena for contesting identities. Performers in that arena, from bloggers to pop music stars to politicians, are just that -- performers. And they have learned to give the fans what they want. Self-affirmation. Vindication.

On Hillary's Existential Exit Strategy

| Posted 05.28.2005 | Huffington Post

Ask yourself this: if Tom Friedman were Secretary of State what would his Iraq policy be? That will tell you what Hillary is really thinking. Obvio...