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Entries by Thomas de Zengotita from 06/2005

Poor Deep Throat

| Posted 06.02.2005 | Politics
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Really. Not only is he being spun rightward a mile a minute, as Robert Schlesinger points out, but he's looking pretty bad in general and that's maki...

More on why Democrats won't talk about Iraq

| Posted 06.04.2005 | Politics
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Steely eyed realism for grown-ups is the basic posture in the specialized venues where US foreign policy really gets determined. If you haven't been exposed to this posture, you should rectify that situation immediately. Richard Holbrooke doesn't agree with Condi Rice on a lot of things, but, if Kaplan is right, he understands that US bases in Iraq and the various 'Stans will come in handy 30 years down the road. That's just how these people think, and when the mainstream Democratic presidential contenders sit down with their foreign policy teams behind closed doors, that's how they think too...

Time to call the NYTimes on Placement

| Posted 06.09.2005 | Politics
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You just can't cover every lie they tell. Sometimes I think they tell so many just to neutralize coverage of any one of them. But this Cooney story seems like such a simple containable case in point. How did this actually happen? What were the specific day-to-day mechanics? Maybe this is the one that's worth knowing about, in detail, as an exemplar?

Why they perceive gay marriage as a threat

| Posted 06.11.2005 | Politics
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Adam McKay has called for a space where mad-dog rhetoric might give way to reasoned exchange and I want to take on a specific question of his in that ...

Cinderella Man?

| Posted 06.15.2005 | Politics
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Today's Times reports that the folks at Universal Studios can't figure out why Cinderella Man didn't run like Seabiscuit. Could it be because of the ...

Doofus Dads on Father's Day

| Posted 06.18.2005 | Politics
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John Tierney had an op-ed in the Times on Saturday comparing today's sitcom dads (deranged or incompetent) to the benevolent know-it-alls of Leave it ...

Plunging Polls

| Posted 06.22.2005 | Huffington Post

OK, so Arnold and GW are losing ground in the polls for some very real reasons, of course—teachers unions, Iraq quagmire etc. But I think there are...

Homicide Bombers?

| Posted 06.24.2005 | Politics
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You know how they call suicide bombers homicide bombers on Fox News? So what are we supposed to call the bombers who murder by remote control and get...

Aristocrats Persist?

| Posted 06.29.2005 | Politics
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I find out that George Clooney is Rosemary’s son. And that was a tipping point for me. How many of today’s stars have inherited their places? Really, what is this? Some weird postmodern version of premodern aristocracy? How hereditary is the Hollywood scene? Is it just a function of access and comfortable relationships or is there some deeper dynamic at work?