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Entries by Timothy Karr from 06/2011

Anonymous Declares Cyberwar Against 'the System'

| Posted 06.03.2011 | Technology

A new YouTube manifesto from someone claiming to speak for Anonymous calls on everyone in the online world to join a revolt against governments and corporations that are intent upon stifling free speech online.

Is Apple Launching a Pre-emptive Strike Against Free Speech?

| Posted 06.22.2011 | Technology

So you think you control your smartphone? Think again. Late last week reports uncovered a plan by Apple, manufacturer of the iPhone, to patent technology that can detect when people are using their phone cameras and shut them down.

The US Congress: Where It Pays to Deceive

| Posted 06.28.2011 | Technology

70 House Democrats just signed on to an industry letter that is so riddled with misinformation about AT&T's proposed merger with T-Mobile it's shocking that anyone would put their name on it.