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Entries by Tina Dupuy from 03/2010

'Freedom' and Faux Populism

| Posted 03.02.2010 | Politics

Really when freedom is invoked by the GOP it means liberty for corporations. It's big government getting out of the way so big business can step up.

Stop Trying to 'Save the Planet'

| Posted 03.08.2010 | Green

The Earth is fine. Resilient. Strong. Massive. But us? Our species? Our race? The little people hanging out here, we need some help. And we should help ourselves.

Eric Massa is Taking Back the Spotlight From the Starlets

| Posted 03.15.2010 | Entertainment

When actors were seen as vermin, the object of our affections and repugnance were people with actual power: politicians. Politicians like Massa are just taking back their country from Hollywood.

The Tea Parties Mark a Milestone in Civil Rights

| Posted 03.24.2010 | Politics

The most pivotal scene in our nation's recent civil rights history was not the election of Barack Obama, it was the moment the Tea Party protesters hurled racial epithets at members of Congress.

The Latest Republican Conspiracy Theory

| Posted 03.29.2010 | Politics
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I've come up with my own conspiracy theory: Sarah Palin, Michael Steele and Paul Ryan from Wisconsin are all Democratic plants.