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Entries by Tina Dupuy from 08/2010

Stop Calling Republicans 'Hypocrites'

| Posted 08.03.2010 | Politics

Calling a conservative "hypocrite" is like calling a progressive "liberal": It stings, but they don't actually understand why it's supposed to be offensive.

GOP: Bring Back 'Corruption of Blood'

| Posted 08.10.2010 | Politics

Corruption of Blood" was an English law stating that if your parents committed treason, you were also stained. The GOP's idea is to change the Constitution so that being without papers is treated more harshly than treason.

Living in a 'Post-Racist' Society

| Posted 08.17.2010 | Politics

The MSNBC documentary series Lock Up ran a story earlier this month about a Maricopa County Jail inmate charged with identity theft named Cecil Kunkel...

Dr. Laura and the First Amendment

| Posted 08.18.2010 | Politics


Let Our Fear Be More Accurate

| Posted 08.24.2010 | Politics

Right after the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, a dry cleaner's storefront was vandalized and set ablaze in Modesto, California. The reason? The business was named "French Cleaners."

Cultural Studies in Arizona

| Posted 08.25.2010 | Comedy


A Burning Question: Extremists on 9/11

| Posted 08.31.2010 | Politics

Pastor Terry Jones is planning a Koran burning for the ninth anniversary of 9/11. Other than a pointless, smoke-filled flip off to the second largest faith in the world, does the torching of media these days do what its purveyors want it to do?