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Entries by Tina Dupuy from 11/2010

Attention Congress: Fix the Potholes

| Posted 11.09.2010 | Politics

A politician who is against government is like an actor who is against entertainment. It's ridiculous. But because we hate politicians so much, we vote in the ones who pretend they really don't want to do their job.

It's Only Unethical When It's Called 'News'

| Posted 11.16.2010 | Media

Other than the "news" moniker, Fox News is fine. They're for their side, compelling to their side and benefiting their side. Plus, they give the people what they want: entertainment. So what is wrong with liberals doing the same thing?

Sarah Palin: America's Full-Time Professional Duelist

| Posted 11.30.2010 | Politics

Sarah Palin is now our nation's only full-time professional duelist. She fights with everyone. Her entire post-quitting career is centered on petty flame wars, most of which she starts, and all of which make the media talk about her.