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Entries by Tina Dupuy from 12/2010

After I Compiled Sarah Palin's Enemy List...

| Posted 12.06.2010 | Politics


Out of Ideas? Call for a 'Simple Solution'

| Posted 12.07.2010 | Politics

I understand how anything "simple" seems better than having a conversation about insurance hedging for exotic derivatives, but it's condescension when politicians can't have a reasonable discussion about real issues.

Freedom of Deplorable Speech

| Posted 12.14.2010 | Politics

Popular speech doesn't need protection. Nor does popular religious belief. Seeing the Westboro Baptist Church protesting is (at the very, very least) a sign of our freedom.

We Are Not Scrooges!

| Posted 12.21.2010 | Politics

Ever been stuck in holiday traffic fighting to be stuck in a holiday cashier's line so you can purchase low-priced presents on your high-balance Visa ...

Satire is Very Serious

| Posted 12.28.2010 | Politics

The difference between reporting and satire? Bad reporting is still reporting, while there's no such thing as bad satire. If it's not true -- if it doesn't work -- it's not satire.