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Entries by Tina Wells from 08/2008

Frugal Teens: What They Can Teach Us About Recession Style

| Posted 08.05.2008 | Style

No doubt there are still spoiled teens burning through their parents' credit cards, but overall these kids seem to care about so much more than the designer clothes on their backs.

Gossip Girl Part II: And the Survey Says...

| Posted 08.13.2008 | Entertainment

One would think the topic of sex is a sure seller, and it is, but I also think that consumers are so multi-faceted these days that they're not accepting the same old bag of tricks.

Hair, Hubris and Humility: What John Edwards' Actions Say to Today's Teens

| Posted 08.17.2008 | Politics

Amidst the turmoil of Russia attacking Georgia, the anticipation of the oncoming presidential election and the triumph of Michael Phelps making Olympi...

What John Edward's Actions Says to Today's Teens

| Posted 08.19.2008 | Healthy Living

I believe Edward's behavior perpetuates that sense of entitlement that so many of tweens and teens are already developing.