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Entries by Tom D'Antoni from 02/2007

Don't Be Fooled By Gordon Smith's "Moderation"

| Posted 02.01.2007 | Politics
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I was wrong when I wrote here about Sen. Gordon Smith (R. Oregon). I cut him a break of which he isn't deserving.

Harold & Kumar Go To Jail In Boston---For WHAT?

| Posted 02.02.2007 | Politics
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First of all, they were obviously told by their lawyer not to talk about the case. So what do you do if you're creative, hold a certain contempt for MSM and have been told to shut up? You ACT up.

Hey Gen-X, Welcome to Geezerland

| Posted 02.05.2007 | Entertainment
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When grunge was at its "peak" (or should I say, "depth") I remember saying, "Hey, call me when you get a real problem." Well, now you have one, more than one.

Sex In Space? America Demands Answers!!

| Posted 02.06.2007 | Politics
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A can of worms has been opened! Was this the first time? Have they been testing out the body's reactions to sex all along?

Send This Message To the Troops---The Truth

| Posted 02.12.2007 | Politics
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Republicans like John McCain and Joe Lieberman (I know) keep saying that we shouldn't send the wrong message to the troops, when it is they who have b...