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Entries by Tom Engelhardt from 01/2010

An American World of War: What to Watch for in 2010

| Posted 01.03.2010 | Politics

Let's pause a moment as the New Year begins and take stock of ourselves as what we truly are: the preeminent war-making machine on planet Earth. Let's consider just what the American way of war might have in store for us in 2010.

The CIA Surges

| Posted 01.10.2010 | Politics

In Afghanistan, the American military is only part of the story. There's also a polyglot "army" representing the U.S. that wears no uniforms and fights shape-shifting enemies to the death in a murderous war enveloped in a blanket of secrecy.

666 to 1: The U.S. Military, al-Qaeda, and a War of Futility

| Posted 01.14.2010 | Politics

Let's stop here and try to imagine these two enemies, the U.S. military and al- Qaeda, side by side in the same universe of war. What, in that case, would the line-up of forces look like?

Our Wars Are Killing Us

| Posted 01.26.2010 | Politics

The U.S. evidently isn't about to leave Afghanistan any time soon and the president seems to have set his watch to the Pentagon's clock.

Seven Days in January: How the Pentagon Counts Coups in Washington

| Posted 01.31.2010 | Politics

In the last two decades our fantasies about a military plot to take over the government is entertainingly outré exactly because, in the Washington of 2010, such a thought is ludicrous. It's already happened.