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Entries by Tom Engelhardt from 07/2010

The Petraeus Syndrome

| Posted 07.12.2010 | World

Let's say that Petraeus does return to Washington in what, these days, passes for triumph. The question is: So what? Or rather, could success in Afghanistan prove worse for Americans than failure?

Advice for General Petraeus on the Rules of Engagement: It's Neither/Nor, Not Either/Or

| Posted 07.20.2010 | World

The present discussion of counterinsurgency in Afghanistan makes little sense. They are being presented as a kind of either/or option -- kill us or kill them -- when it would be more accurate to say that it's a neither/nor situation.

Clueless in Afghanistan -- and Washington

| Posted 07.26.2010 | Politics

If we can't imagine the surpassing strangeness of our arrangements for making war in lands thousands of miles from the U.S., then we can't begin to imagine how the world sees us, which means that we're blind to our own madness.