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Entries by Tom Engelhardt from 02/2011

Pox Americana: Driving Through the Gates of Hell and Other American Pastimes in the Greater Middle East

| Posted 02.07.2011 | World

The administration has been shaken. Officials are undoubtedly worried about a domestic political future in which the question could be -- who lost the Middle East? Like the Cheshire Cat's grin, only the rhetoric of the last decades seems to be left.

Cutting $100 Billion?... Easy -- If Only Washington Had a Brain

| Posted 02.17.2011 | Politics

There's a perfectly obvious path toward that Republican goal of cutting $100 billion. And -- believe it or not -- it wouldn't be all that painful, provided we did one small thing: change our thinking about making war.

All-American Decline in a New World

| Posted 02.24.2011 | Politics

History is being reshaped in such a way that previously major events may all be dwarfed by this new moment. Yet inside the Washington echo chamber, in which it can only hear itself talking, thoughts about such developments dawn slowly.