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Entries by Tom Engelhardt from 01/2012


| Posted 01.03.2012 | World
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It was to be the war that would establish empire as an American fact. It would result in a thousand-year Pax Americana. It was to be "mission accomplished" all the way. And then, of course, it wasn't.

Obama's Mission Accomplished Moment?

| Posted 01.12.2012 | Politics

When it came to rolling out a new 10-year plan for the future of the U.S. military, the leaks to the media began early and the message was clear. One man is in charge of your future safety and security. His name is Barack Obama. And -- not to worry -- he has things in hand.

A Short Washington History of Iranian Blowback

| Posted 01.18.2012 | World

In more than 50 years, America's leaders have never made a move in Iran (or near it) that didn't lead to unexpected and unpleasant blowback. Now, another administration in Washington is preparing yet another set of clever maneuvers.

Washington's Crocodile Tears: On Checkpoints, War Porn, and Wedding Parties

| Posted 01.19.2012 | Politics
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The troves of documents leaked to the website WikiLeaks, for which Army Pfc. Bradley Manning has been charged, certainly caused a stir, but the carnage in them was, in truth, easily available without access to a single secret document.

Iranian Aircraft Carriers in the Gulf of Mexico

| Posted 01.30.2012 | World

Stop for a moment the next time you hear of American or Israeli plans for the further destabilization of Iran and think: what would we do if the Iranians were planning something similar for us?