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Entries by Tom Hayden from 05/2008

Turning Point for Obama, Limbaugh Winning Indiana for Hillary

| Posted 05.06.2008 | Politics

Hillary needed two wins. She failed utterly. But she will not stop, not on her own. The superdelegates should intervene tomorrow to send Hillary a message. Out now.

Not The Time To Celebrate Clinton As Brawler

| Posted 05.13.2008 | Politics

It's one thing to recognize that the idealism of social movements has to be complemented by a tough realism in contests for political power. It's another to celebrate brawling.

Who's the Progressive VP Choice? 4 Possible Picks

| Posted 05.19.2008 | Politics

The choice needs to be someone who [a] wins a state or two that Obama might not win on his own, [b] wins over the Clinton voter constituency, and [c] can placate traditional party leaders.

It's About War and Peace, Not Simply Race and Gender

| Posted 05.20.2008 | Politics

The decisive issue in this election is about war and peace. It's Obama proposed diplomacy with Iran and to end the war in Iraq, vs. the hawkish stance of his two rivals, Hillary and McCain.