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Entries by Tom Hayden from 07/2008

Obama's Position on Iraq Could Put His Candidacy at Risk

| Posted 07.04.2008 | Politics

Obama's position on Iraq, which always left a trail of unasked questions, now plants a seed of doubt, justifiably, among the peace bloc of American voters.

Secret US-Iraq "Status of Forces" Agreement Would Preserve Human Rights Violations, Torture Policies in Iraq

| Posted 07.08.2008 | Politics

At stake for the anti-war movement and the progressive blogosphere is whether the current administration can bind the next president to its current Iraq policies.

Pentagon Fighting Off Peace Majorities in Iraq and US, A Crisis of Democracy

| Posted 07.12.2008 | Politics

Al-Maliki and the Pentagon are conspiring to fool public opinion in the US and Iraq during an election year by finally promising a withdrawal deadline with vague parameters. What's going on here?

Pentagon Fights Peace Majorities in US, Iraq, the Crisis of Democracy Grows

| Posted 07.14.2008 | Politics

In John McCain, the hawks have found the perfect iconic candidate for keeping the Iraq war alive through the present depths of its democratic legitimacy crisis.

Chasing Needles by Burning Haystacks

| Posted 07.14.2008 | Politics

The question is not simply a moral one, but whether the expanding war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, fueled by troop transfers from Iraq, is winnable, and in what sense?

Maliki Endorses Obama Timeline in Huge Blow for McCain, Bush

| Posted 07.19.2008 | Politics

As Obama's plane touched down in Afghanistan, Maliki's comments had a far-reaching effect on the war and presidential politics, with the Maliki government withdrawing from Bush and making McCain appear foolish.