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Entries by Tom Sullivan from 08/2009

Health Care Debate Loses Coherence

| Posted 08.03.2009 | Politics

One suspects, however, that behind much of the "Don't Tread On Me" rhetoric directed at Obama is a spluttering "... but, but, but, you're black!"

It's the People Who Got Small

| Posted 08.10.2009 | Politics

When town hall protests begin attracting large numbers of foot soldiers youthful enough and fit enough to engage in organized violence, be afraid.

Do Progressives Have What It Takes To Win?

| Posted 08.18.2009 | Politics

Conservatives believe -- with justification -- that if they get angry enough and loud enough, liberals will back down from fights like this one.

Health Care Protesters: "I'm All Right, Jack"

| Posted 08.24.2009 | Politics

There is no "we" in the protester's view, no welcome for your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of fellow Americans, much less immigrants. There is only my family, my friends, my neighborhood, my church and my ethnic group,