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Entries by Tom Vander Ark from 08/2009

Why I Don't Read Books

| Posted 08.01.2009 | Media

After 30 years of reading a book a week, I've only read a handful in the last two years -- none in print format. It's a case study of but one part of a trend.

A Long Trek Before a Race to the Top

| Posted 08.09.2009 | Politics

If health care had benefited from a decade long push by a unified group of advocacy foundations, as education reform has, we would already have broader coverage and lower costs.

The Adolescent Politics of Virtual Education

| Posted 08.18.2009 | Politics

It took years for online learning to get big and competitive, but it is finally a force to be reckoned with. Next month there will be close to two million students learning online at home and at school.

Friday Night Lives

| Posted 08.21.2009 | Healthy Living

NPR's All Things Considered is running a series called "Friday Night Lives". I'm using it as an excuse for my one and only back to school homage and reflection on high school sports -- good and bad.

Recovery in Sight? Not for Schools

| Posted 08.22.2009 | Politics

With staggering unemployment in low income and minority communities, trouble expanding access to health care, and school funding likely to be lousy for years to come, it's a tough time to be an urban kid in America.

Other People's Children: The Uninsured and Underserved

| Posted 08.25.2009 | Politics

Even if you don't accept a moral obligation to serve the less fortunate, you can make a strong pro-growth business case for providing infrastructure including quality education and at least basic health care.

Who Owns Washington?

| Posted 08.31.2009 | Politics

Without Kennedy's leadership, it's not at all clear who will lead Senate education efforts.