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Entries by Tony Schwartz from 03/2010

Is Your Favorite Politician a Sociopath?

| Posted 03.03.2010 | Politics

There are a number of American politicians who've been caught doing something illegal, unethical, mind-bogglingly self-destructive, or all of the above. And yet, none accept that they did anything wrong.

Memo To David Axelrod: Take A Nap

| Posted 03.08.2010 | Healthy Living

How do you feel about having your government run by people who don't get enough sleep? David Axelrod, President Obama's chief political adviser, sleeps "five fitful hours a night," the Times reported yesterday.

We're All in This Together

| Posted 03.12.2010 | Business

It saddens me that we have learned so little from the meltdown. It astonishes me that CEOs of large companies don't see that paying themselves millions of dollars while laying off thousands

Taking Responsibility

| Posted 03.16.2010 | Healthy Living

We live in a world that still chooses up-sides. If you're not right, you're wrong. If you're not good, you're bad. And if those are your only choices, which one are you likely to choose and defend?

REBOOT: Disconnect to Connect on National Day of Unplugging

| Posted 03.19.2010 | Healthy Living

The more hours we spend plugged in, without real renewal, the more we begin to default reflexively into behaviors that reduce our effectiveness and take a pernicious toll on others.

Even Wild Dogs Protect Their Packs

| Posted 03.29.2010 | Politics

The most basic reason for guaranteeing universal health care is that we encourage a primitive, survival-based world when we fail to meet otherwise productive people's most basic needs.