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Entries by Tonya Plank from 06/2008

Have Yourself a Ballroom Blast at the Manhattan Dancesport Championships This Weekend

| Posted 06.01.2008 | Entertainment

This weekend's Manhattan Dancesport Championship will be a chance to celebrate the athleticism and artistry of dance and just have a rollicking good time in the process. .

Early Fate of Poppers and Tappers Shows Weakness of So You Think You Can Dance

| Posted 06.06.2008 | Entertainment

It's too bad that there can't be a dance show that celebrates the diversity of dance rather than requiring everyone to do well in a range of styles, which tends to produce conformity rather than originality and creativity.

Is Ballet Dead? Never! New York City Ballet Presents an Enticing Evening of New Work

| Posted 06.10.2008 | Entertainment

I had a wonderful night at New York City Ballet the other night. The program, titled "Here and Now", focused on some of the company's newest works, and was kind of a celebration of the future, of 21st Century ballet.

So You Think You Can Dance First Round of Eliminations Unsurprising Though Unfortunate

| Posted 06.13.2008 | Entertainment

I'm glad they plan to showcase a person of renown in the dance world each week. That gives it a bit of that "variety show" feel I was longing for.

Angel Corella is Nothing Less than a Contemporary Baryshnikov -- So Why Are People Not Storming the Met?

| Posted 06.19.2008 | Entertainment

I'm very sad not to have been in New York during the Baryshnikov era, but I'm positive that there could never have been anyone better than Corella. It confounds me people are not flocking to the ballet.

Nigel Should Be Eliminated Not Marquis!: So You Think You Can Dance Week 2 Cuts

| Posted 06.20.2008 | Entertainment

I'm still in shock that Marquis has been eliminated. He was one of the best dancers on the show and as much as I like Chris's personality, I'm dumbfounded that the judges kept him.

Marcelo Gomes and Veronika Part's Luscious, Heartbreaking La Bayadère

| Posted 06.25.2008 | Entertainment

La Bayadère, with its combination of poetic choreography, bravura dance theatrics and its very human story, is the ideal way to start if you've never been to the ballet.

Nigel Softens Up: So You Think You Can Dance Week 3 Cuts

| Posted 06.27.2008 | Entertainment

Was it just me or did Nigel seem to be much nicer this week? I think he must have got a lot of criticism. Maybe he's more sensitive than his American Idol counterpart.