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Entries by Val Brown from 02/2009

Bathroom for Rent

| Posted 02.05.2009 | Media

Someone suggested getting a roommate. I'd rather drink bleach. Hell, I'd even rather live with my mother.

Sex and The City The Movie. Part Deux.

| Posted 02.11.2009 | Entertainment

The moment I read about the Sex and the City movie sequel I thought, "they've got to tone things down." They can't ignore the recession, particularly in New York.

Just Brew It: Starbuck's Instant Coffee Gamble

| Posted 02.16.2009 | Business

I don't know anyone who drinks instant coffee here. So Starbuck's really big task is to change US consumer perception of an entire product category.

Facebook: The New Meaning of "Friend"

| Posted 02.26.2009 | Media

I recently "de-friended" someone on Facebook after seeing this status update: "I just got back from Costco and I'm having a Diet Coke."