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Entries by Verena von Pfetten from 12/2007

Sister Wendy, My Semi-Spiritual Guide

| Posted 12.05.2007 | Healthy Living

I'm not a particularly spiritual person. OK, fine. I'm not actually spiritual at all. That said, I do try to be a good person, you know, in general. (...

A Fashion Confession: Why I Don't Like Marc Jacobs

| Posted 12.11.2007 | Healthy Living

I have a confession to make. It's something I've been holding inside for a long, long time, and in light of my spiritual quest, I've decided honesty i...

Step II Of My Spiritual Journey: In Which I Am Honest

| Posted 12.12.2007 | Healthy Living

I've already told you that I'm not spiritual, which I think is important, particularly because it manages your expectations. I couldn't very well star...

Step III Of My Spiritual Journey: In Which I Take A Religion Quiz

| Posted 12.19.2007 | Healthy Living

It's official. I've found the most genius thing ever. And let me preface its introduction by saying that I am the queen of procrastination, and I am m...

Eating In Style: My Dinner At The Waverly Inn

| Posted 12.25.2007 | Healthy Living

New York is a special (read: strange) place when it comes to dining out. As with real estate, the true mantra of eating out in New York is "location, ...

Step IV Of My Spiritual Journey: In Which I Believe In Santa Claus

| Posted 12.26.2007 | Healthy Living

A Warning: This story isn't so much about me and/or spirituality, as it is about my sister and, well, Santa Claus. But I'm telling it because, as f...