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Entries by Victor Stenger from 11/2010

The Grand Accident

| Posted 11.01.2010 | Books

In 1988 Stephen Hawking came out with A Brief History of Time, which was a blockbuster bestseller. Likewise, his latest, The Grand Design, deserves a spot on that same list.

Questions for a New Atheist, Part 1

| Posted 11.11.2010 | Books

While often accused of being polemical and militant, the new atheists have mainly argued for other nonbelievers to take a firmer, less compromising stand against the teachings and political actions of religious groups.

Questions for a New Atheist, Part 2

| Posted 11.14.2010 | Books

People have a right to believe whatever they believe. But it makes no sense to believe in something in the total absence of evidence and, indeed, evidence that supports the nonexistence of God.

The Myth of Quantum Consciousness

| Posted 11.29.2010 | Healthy Living

A new myth is burrowing its way into modern thinking. The notion is spreading that the principles embodied in quantum mechanics imply a central role for the human mind in determining the very nature of the universe.