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Entries by Vincent Warren from 12/2010

WikiLeaks' Most Striking Revelation

| Posted 12.10.2010 | World

The same Obama administration that is currently devoting endless resources to vilifying WikiLeaks for promoting government transparency has none to spare when it comes to prosecuting actual perpetrators of torture.

The Murder of Walter Trochez: Political Violence and Impunity in Honduras

| Posted 12.13.2010 | World

Mourning and nation building are inextricably linked. By remembering Walter Trochez we add our voices to the calls of the resistance for a re-founding of Honduras on the basis of human rights, dignity and accountability.

Our Concerns Realized: Swedish Prosecutor Discusses Assange's Extradition to U.S.

| Posted 12.15.2010 | Politics

Concerns that the U.S. is manipulating Swedish allegations against Assange to extradite him to the U.S. were realized when the New York Times reported the sudden appearance of a significant fact on the Swedish Prosecution Authority's website.

Obama's Liberty Problem: Why Indefinite Detention by Executive Order Should Scare the Hell Out of People

| Posted 12.23.2010 | Politics

A new proposal for indefinite detention will prolong the corrosive effects of the illegal and immoral detentions at Guantanamo rightly condemned world-wide.