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Entries by Warren Holstein from 02/2009

Top Twenty New Michael Phelps Endorsements/Affiliations

| Posted 02.02.2009 | Comedy

New Ben and Jerry's Flavor: Golden Medal Haze (contains vanilla ice cream with cookie dough, salt and vinegar potato chips, peanut butter, Mallomars, beef empanada, Swedish Fish, falafel, Nutella and bacon)

Shut That Vagina Down: The Nadya Suleman Misconception(s)

| Posted 02.04.2009 | Comedy

I mean its ridiculous. A baby momma 14 times over should not be living with her parents in a modest 3-bedroom house in Bellflower, California.

Martha Washington Redux: America's First MILF

| Posted 02.07.2009 | Comedy

Hold on to your hats folks or at least your iPod earbuds, Martha Washington was actually a babe! Also, she avidly consumed Gothic romance novels. Me-ow!

My Balls or My Bong...Hold on I'm Thinking!!!

| Posted 02.10.2009 | Comedy

Marijuana Linked to Aggressive Testicular Cancer: Yet more bad news for young hot blunted American tokers this month.

Top Ten Suggested Names for the Nadya Suleman Babies A to H (That's 80 Names Folks!)

| Posted 02.11.2009 | Comedy

1. Addendum 2. Another 3. Accident 4. Anomaly 5. Annoying 6. Afterbirth 7. ADHD 8. Appendage 9. Analogue 10. AdvertisingSpace

Monkey Business: Travis the Celebrity Chimpanzee Attacks!!!

| Posted 02.18.2009 | Comedy

It's an old Hollywood cliché: failed and embittered childhood actor grows up and, no longer embraced by the establishment, acts out by viciously masticating an innocent woman's hold on.

Drinking Good for Depression? The Possible Repeal of Religious Repression

| Posted 02.24.2009 | Comedy

Following in the footsteps of Franklin Roosevelt, many states are now advocating an end to what many boozers and businessmen alike deem antiquated puritanical pap. The Christian Right is not amused.