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Entries by Waymon Hudson from 11/2010

Waiting for Rights Never Works

| Posted 11.05.2010 | Politics

The LGBT community has been blamed, cajoled, insulted, courted, and ignored depending on whether our votes and dollars are needed, yet when it comes time for real leadership on issues that matter to basic, day-to-day rights, we are told to wait.

Wedding Announcement Gets Lesbian Fired From Illinois Catholic University

| Posted 11.10.2010 | College

All it took was one complaint to get a longtime educator removed from her job just because she simply celebrated a special (and legal) occasion in her life. Discrimination doesn't get more plain than that.

Disillusionment & Consequences: Moving Equality Forward After Setbacks

| Posted 11.11.2010 | Politics

It's easy to give up, throw up our hands, and retreat to our everyday lives, especially when faced with an uphill battle like we have the next two years. But the fight for equality is never easy and never over.